Saturday, April 20, 2013


                           Once upon a time not a long time ago every facebook user used to have a dark past called orkut, and yes that’s how our interaction first started.

                           Before I tell u my story, let me tell you who I am or more importantly who I was before I met this girl-

                          Well, I was and am the most carefree person one could find on the face of this earth, but the difference is I forced myself to be casual and carefree so that I could impress her. Don’t ask how? Because why I did that or why that idea even crossed my mind I don’t know, but whatever I did, it changed who I was. even now I sometimes wonder is the person I am now is really me or am I just pulling this stupid stunt just to fool everybody else, I just don’t know…

                            I was sad and not at all outgoing person. Sometimes I used to think if she was worth it? And yes she definitely was.

                           This story is about what some people might people may call as phone love(love developed over phone) except the fact that we were way over phone interactions when I started having feelings for her, But I started liking her long before just from her texts alone.

                           This might sound stupid but I know that I am not alone know that there are people who are like me, who are shy even to admit it, it happens and it not wrong.

This isn’t just my story; this might be yours too…!!

   -TeDdY                                                                                                       ….TBC

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  1. hi guys...i'm new to blogging,so if you have any advice or tips for me.please feel to share..:)